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Ulysses (1954) – Mario Camerini, Mario Bava


Ulysses (1954 film)

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 Ulysses is a 1954 fantasy-adventure film based on Homer’s epic poem Odyssey. The movie was made by director Mario Camerini, who co-wrote the screenplay with writer Franco Brusati. The original choice for director was Georg Wilhelm Pabst who quit at the last minute. The cinematographer Mario Bava co-directed it (uncredited).

American Press Book
Directed by Mario Camerini
Mario Bava (uncredited)
Produced by Dino De Laurentiis
Carlo Ponti
Written by Franco Brusati
Mario Camerini
Ennio De Concini
Hugh Gray
Ben Hecht
Ivo Perilli
Irwin Shaw
Starring Kirk Douglas
Silvana Mangano
Anthony Quinn
Franco Interlenghi
Rossana Podestà
Music by Alessandro Cicognini
Cinematography Harold Rosson
Mario Bava (uncredited)
Edited by Leo Catozzo
Lux Film
Distributed by Paramount Pictures(USA)
Release dates
6 October 1954 (Italy)
17 August 1955 (USA)
Running time
117 min.
Language Italian English
Budget $500,000

In the film Silvana Mangano plays two roles, as Penelope, the faithful wife of Ulysses and the sorceress, Circe. American star Kirk Douglas plays the Greek hero, Ulysses. Anthony Quinn plays Antinous. The tremendous success of this film led to the making of Hercules (1958), which was credited with igniting the Italian peplum craze of the 1960s.

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