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Les Misérables
Directed by Jean-Paul Le Chanois
Screenplay by Michel Audiard
René Barjavel
Based on Les Misérables
by Victor Hugo
Starring Jean Gabin
Music by Georges Van Parys
Cinematography Jacques Natteau
Edited by Lieselotte Johl
Emma Le Chanois
Deutsche Film (DEFA)
Distributed by Pathé (France)
VEB Progress Film-Vertrieb (East Germany)
Continental Distributing(US)
Release dates
  • 12 March 1958 (France)
  • 16 January 1959(East Germany)
Running time
217 minutes
Country France
East Germany
Language French

Les Misérables is a 1958 French-East German-Italian film adaptation of the Victor Hugo novel released in France on 12 March 1958. Written byMichel Audiard and René Barjavel, the film was directed by Jean-Paul Le Chanois. It stars Jean Gabin as Jean Valjean.

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