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致青春 – So Young (2013) – by Zhao Wei

So Young (film)

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So Young
SoYoung poster.jpg
Directed by Zhao Wei
Produced by Stanley Kwan (executive producer)
Screenplay by Li Qiang
Based on To Our Youth that is Fading Away
by Xin Yiwu
Starring Mark Chao
Han Geng
Yang Zishan
Jiang Shuying
Music by Dou Peng
Cinematography Li Ran
Edited by Chan Chi-wai
Hua Shi Film Investment Co., Ltd
China Film Group
Beijing Enlight Pictures
Pulin Films Co., Ltd
Beijing Ruyi Xinxin Film Investment
Beijing Max Times Cultural Development
Dook Publishing
Distributed by China Film Group
Release dates
  • April 26, 2013
Running time
132 minutes
Country China
Language Mandarin
Budget 30 million yuan
(US$5 million)
Box office 718 million yuan (US$118 million)

So Young (simplified Chinese: 致我们终将逝去的青春; traditional Chinese: 致我們終將逝去的青春) is a 2013 Chinese drama film directed by Zhao Wei. It is based on the best-selling novel of the same name To Our Youth that is Fading Awayby Xin Yiwu. The film is Zhao’s directorial debut.

The film’s English-language title alludes to the song So Young by the British alternative rock band Suede from their self-titled debut album. In addition to the novel, the film was also based in part by Zhao’s own personal college experience in the 1990s.

The film has become a major success at the Chinese box office, grossing over US$118 million with a US$5 million budget.

Văn học Trung Quốc Zhao Wei

Mulan: Rise of A Warrior (2009) – by Jingle Ma

Mulan (2009 film)

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Mulan: Rise of a Warrior
Mulan - Rise of a Warrior poster.jpg

Official poster
Directed by Jingle Ma
Produced by Jingle Ma
Wang Tian-yun
Jeffrey Chan
Ni Ying
Li Li
Screenplay by Zhang Ting
Starring Zhao Wei
Yu Rongguang
Chen Kun
Hu Jun
Jaycee Chan
Nicky Lee
Music by Lee Shih Shiong
Lee Wei Song
Yi Jiayang
Cheung Ah-tung
Tan Dun
Xiao Ke
Cinematography Tony Cheung
Edited by Kwong Chi-leung
Starlight International
Media Group
Beijing Galloping Horse
Film & TV Production
Hunan TV & Broadcast Intermediary Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Film Group
PKU Starlight Group
Beijing Polybona Film Publishing Co., Ltd.
Release dates
  • November 26, 2009(Malaysia)
  • November 27, 2009(China)
Running time
113 minutes
Country China
Language Mandarin

Mulan: Rise of a Warrior (simplified Chinese: 花木兰; traditional Chinese: 花木蘭; pinyin: Huā Mùlán), also known asMulan: Legendary Warrior, is a 2009 Chinese film starring Zhao Wei as the titular protagonist. The director, Jingle Ma, has explained that this film is vastly different from the 1998 Walt Disney animated film and adheres more to his imagination. Zhao Wei was cast by Ma as Hua Mulan over actresses Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Yeoh, and Liu Yifei, who were reportedly also considered for the main role.

Zhao Wei

Jade Goddess of Mercy (2003) by Ann Hui

Jade Goddess of Mercy

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Jade Goddess of Mercy
Jade Goddess of Mercy.jpg
Directed by Ann Hui
Produced by Li Bolun
Yang Buting
Written by Ivy Ho
Hai Yan
Starring Zhao Wei
Nicholas Tse
Liu Yunlong
Chen Jianbin
Release dates
  • 25 December 2003 (China)
  • 15 April 2004 (Hong Kong)
Running time
110 minutes
Country China
Hong Kong
Language Mandarin

Jade Goddess of Mercy or Goddess of Mercy (Chinese: 玉觀音; pinyin: Yù Guān Yīn) is a 2003 film directed by Ann Hui, starring Zhao Wei and Nicholas Tse.

It was adapted from a novel from Chinese writer Hai Yan. The title comes from a necklace featuring Kuan Yin, the “Goddess of Mercy”.

In 2003 Hai Yan also produced a TV serial based on his novel, starring Betty Sun.